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Diverse project teams deliver better projects for a better world; Gender and Beyond 

Project are everywhere; in all industries, in private and public companies, in organizations and institutions, in all countries and for all types of products to be produced. This means that project conditions and frameworks are very different. Therefore the world also needs multiple diverse skills and personality profiles to manage projects. Diversity in project teams is key for improving project results and achieving increase in project success as many studies and best practices show. It is also crucial for the future of the profession to broaden and improve the project management recruitment pool. Finally diversity should be part of the social responsibility policy of every organization.

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) and CKC Seminars introduce the first International Conference on Diversity in Project Management, on April 10 and 11 in the Netherlands. It aims to be the first in a long series of DiPM Conferences initiated by IPMA. For 2017 the focus will be on Gender, being the biggest challenge in the male dominated profession of PM. But of course al other types and forms of diversity will be included in our comprehensive program:

Organizational Diversity viewpoints
From an organizational viewpoint, two types of diversity are relevant with regards to improving project results:

  • Diversity in thinking style;
  • Diversity in behavioral style

Whether caused by gender, ethnicity, age, experience or other types of diversity, diverse project team members complement each other and contribute to better project results.

The future workforce

With regards to the future Project Management workforce, diversity will enlarge and broaden the PM recruitment pool.

Social responsibility
For social responsibility organizations have to acknowledge the importance of diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion in their workforce.

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Inga Klaus

Vice President at IPMA: International Project Management Association

Inge Woudstra

Trainer and Expert in Gender Smart Working

Sylvana Storey

Managing Director, Global Organizational Integrators

Michael Stuber

Founder and Owner Manager of European Diversity Research & Consulting

Ms. Sanitha Pathiyanthara

Manager- Infrastructure and Project Management Standards

Jitske Kramer

Corporate Anthroplogist

Lars Sudmann

Advisor and Managing Partner

Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel

Director Coaching and Leadership