IPMA Diversity in Project Management Award 2017: Invitation for participation

IPMA International Project Management Association aims to honour with this new award extraordinary project managers, project teams and/or project organisations for their outstanding contribution for implementing Diversity in Project Management (DiPM).

With this DiPM award, IPMA rewards project managers, projects, project teams and/or project organisations that put diversity in project management to good practice by demonstrating excellence in diversity and inclusion in project management. Participation in the award is free for any interested project (management) organisation. Depending on the number of participants one or more award categories may be established by the award organization i.e. project manager, project, project team and/or project (management) organization..

Award application
IPMA is looking for parties who can demonstrate good practice in diversity in project management to come forward and participate in IPMA’s Diversity in Project Management award process. Applicants are invited to demonstrate in writing their level and way of application of good practices as demonstration of excellence in diversity and inclusion as success factor in project management related to the following 10 criteria of DiPM:
1. Stimulation, recognition and addressing of diversity issues in project management;
2. Leadership attention for promoting diversity & inclusion in project management;
3. Level of inclusion (i.e. beyond Anglo Saxon male employment within project management);
4. Diversity KPI’s and measurable benefits (which ones…?);
5. Level of innovation: Have innovative approaches been applied, which have resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits;
6. Level of impact on diversity practices beyond immediate sphere of influence (i.e. outside the project or project team at hand);
7. Level of sustainability: Will the applied diversity practice leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated in other projects?
8. Equal opportunity and reward;
9. Attention for work/life balance;
10. Good practices for inclusion (child care, handicapped facilities etc.) Participant should support their claims with as much as documentary evidence as they deem necessary in the appendices of the supplied participation format, which helps the jury to assess the claims forwarded. A virtual interview with the jury (or jury representation) may be part of the award assessment process. (The application in total including appendices not being more then 15 pages A4 (Ariel font type 10).

Participants can enter the IPMA DiPM award process by filling in the application form and returning it to award@ipma.world not later than 28/02/2017 and forwarding their application report not later than 17/03/2017 to award@ipma.world. There is no application fee related to the application for this award. All cost for attending the award gala ceremony in The Netherlands (i.e. travel, boarding, lodging etc.) are to be born by the participant. Each award nominee will get 2 (two) free entry tickets to the award gala.

Further information can be found here or obtained through marco.buijnsters@ipma.nl

The first International Conference on Diversity in Project Management is introduced bij the International Project Management Association (IPMA) and CKC Seminars. It will be organized on April 10 and 11 in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands and aims to be the first in a long series of DiPM Conferences initiated by IPMA

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