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Program 2017




Opening Chair
Limousin 3

Inga Klaus, Vice President at IPMA: International Project Management Association


The power of inclusion
Limousin 3

In an inclusive culture, people are key. Diversity is invited, opposing views are openly explored and everyone is valued for who he or she is. The question is: how much diversity can you handle? This keynote will talk about the value of inclusion and the impact this has on project teams and their leaders… I dare you. To be different. To see different, think different, act different. To use everyone’s uniqueness. To be yourself and to fit in. To look from a distinctive perspective…

Jitske Kramer, Corporate Anthroplogist, The Culture Academie


The Power of Thought Diversity: For Innovation, Leadership and Life
Limousin 3

Different perspectives can lead to new insights. But how do we leverage this thought diversity in the best way? Drawing on lessons from organisational and management theory as well as deep practical experience and cases we will uncover some of the key elements for success with thought diversity. Strategies will include lessons from swarms theory for diversity, debate strategies for innovation, best practices on thought diversity from leading organisations and companies, and much more.

Lars Sudmann, Advisor and Managing Partner, Sudmann & Company




Breakout sessions round 1 (make your choice)

Stream 4: Strategy & Organization

A1: Diverse Talent: Alternative perspectives

What consideration is given to how diverse culture and behaviour impacts talent and outcomes. Is your inclusion strategy robust enough to make a sustainable difference?
Drawing on research and extensive experience as a construction sector programme manager championing UK inclusion initiatives and also working on projects in Africa, this interactive session will review and discuss:
– The plurality of diversity: gender and ethnicity
– Socio-cultural maturity vs P3M3® maturity: Europe vs Africa and a more holistic
– Inclusion Framework

To assist delegates create and sustain more inclusive contexts, it will explore some scenarios through participative exercises
– Approaches: The first rung (group exercise)
– Behaviours: Silent stakeholders (group exercise)
– Eureka moments and learning from failure will be assessed as techniques to leverage knowledge and sensitivities.

Dr. Teri Okoro, Independent Programme Management Consultant and Chartered Architect, Director of Toca, Founder of P3M Africa and Former National Chair of WIPM in the UK

Stream 5: Teams & Communication


Dexter 24

To be Announced


Breakout sessions round 2 (make your choice)

Stream 4: Strategy & Organization
A2: Inclusion & Leadership Unfolding – workshop
Dexter 23

Elaborating on Sylvana’s keynote presentation, this workshop will further explore the LEAD³ model and look at how organisational strategy and diversity strategy can best align through the lens of integration, inclusion and collaboration. If you have an example of your organisations diversity strategy that you are able to share with the group as well as, be open to having the strategy worked on, then that would be great.  This workshop gives you the opportunity to ask Sylvana questions and share ideas.

Sylvana Storey, Managing Director of Global Organizational Integrators

Stream 5: Teams & Communication
B2: What about the Quiet ones? – Introversion in Project Management
Dexter 24

In a world where extraversion is the ideal, are we missing out on introverted voices?  Some myths about introverts are challenged (such as “introverts are always shy”).  After reframing “introversion” with the latest scientific data and insights, five practical strategies are presented to enhance skills for project leaders and team members to operate in a world that hasn’t fully accepted introverts yet.

Erik Leung, PMP – Project Manager, Infrax cvba and Founder, Tao Projects


Lunch Break


D&I in projects at Shell
Limousin 3

The embedding of diversity and inclusion in our business plans will help ensure we reach our goal of becoming the most competitive and innovative energy company. A diverse population in Shell contributes different ways of thinking, and through that provides the innovation we need to ensure our portfolio is both attractive and resilient. Collaboration is critical to our success. Inclusion and inclusive behaviors are at the heart of effective collaboration. It must be at the heart of our business plans in the same way that safety is.

Michelle van der Duin, Global Skillpool Manager Project Engineering/Project Services, Shell Projects & Technology


Breakout sessions round 3 (make your choice)

Stream 4: Strategy & Organization
A3: A Pragmatic View on Diversity in Project Management
Dexter 23

A pragmatic view towards a conscious and planned use of diversity in project management.
How can we as project managers get an improved process and subsequently a potential better product?  Not for the sake of diversity only. I will based on my own experience give examples from: Construction (civil works) and installation of Wind Turbines where the involvement of site Supervisors in the early phases of project reduced cost, heightened safety and eased execution. A company (working with industrial design) using nonprofessionals in the very early phases of a project in order to challenge the engineers and designers. The challenges (potential time-consuming, economy, organization, resources and culture, leadership behavior, inclusion) strengths and potential pitfalls in the above mentioned examples.

Brian Dahl Steinicke Thomsen, Principal Consultant, IBC Konsulenthuset

Stream 5: Teams & Communication
B3: How ”slow thinking’ can speed-up a diverse project team
Dexter 24

In complex settings, projects bring people together who typically don’t join forces. These people need to become productive very quickly. In this session, you learn how a project team can benefit from “slow thinking” – particularly in the start phase of a project. The session introduces both, the method of “slow thinking” as well as a series of open sources tools which you can take away for you future projects and help your project team to “think better together”.

Karen Schmidt, Managing Director, Becota GmbH




Breakout sessions round 4 (make your choice)

Stream 4: Strategy & Organization
A4: Organization culture for Project Managers
Dexter 23

Organizational culture is of strategic and operational concern to project managers. Is it possible to predict whether a team can complete a project timely and successfully? Which aspects of a culture influence the delivery of a project and is it possible to influence a team’s culture? In this very  interactive workshop, we will turn the spotlights briefly on how project managers can benefit from organizational culture

Kirsten Heukels: Trainer,Hofstede center
Loes Husain-Cornelissen, Rights manager, Geert Hofstede BV

Stream 5: Teams & Communication
B4: Diversity is key to become the Best Digital Airport
Dexter 24

At Schiphol IT we aim for diversity in our teams because one of the things we focus on is passenger experience and providing relevant personalised information to our customers. Within our agile teams we need diversity because it reflects the diversity of our customers. Our passengers form a diverse crowd and with teams consisting of different types of personas we provide more creative, better and more customer focused solutions.

Mijke Loven – van Diemen, Manager Asset IT Services, Schiphol Airport


Growing potential in high performing teams
Limousin 3

What does a group of men sailing the globe on a yacht have to do with leadership- and team development?  At first sight nothing, but Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel will show you in an animated narrative how you can apply the learnings of these ocean sailors in your own working practice. As team coach, Anje-Marijcke supported Team Brunel during the Volvo Ocean Race, a thrilling round-the-world sailing race. Nerve-racking, not just because of the competition element, but also because the group had to give its best possible performance under difficult circumstances, in environments that are constantly changing.
Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Director Coaching and Leadership, Schouten Global and Coach Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race, Schouten & Nelissen